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Anniversary clocks with a patented quartz movement from the Haller clock manufacturer

Only by Haller: The robust, patented quartz rotating pendulum movement without a pendulum spring is recognised worldwide, indestructible, problem-free and precise.

  • no fragile spiral or pendulum spring
  • safe and secure bearing, no use of adjustment washers
  • extremely quiet, slow operation
  • does not require an exact alignment of the watch in the "water"
  • extremely robust. It is not possible to overtighten.
  • Running time up to two years with one alkaline AA Mignon battery

Our lines:

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks  'Basic-Line'

The ideal entry-level range

The Basic Edition combines simple classic design with a brass base, crystal glass cover and the tried-and-tested rotary quartz pendulum.

The "smallest" of the Basic series offer the ideal entry-level range for every watch lover.

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks 'Quality'

High-quality & exclusive

Classic anniversary clocks in high-quality workmanship. All clocks are equipped with a polished brass base, brass columns, metal hands, a diamond turned brass dial ring and crystal glass cover.

Our "biggest" feature a high-quality classic metal housing. These traditional anniversary clocks are also available in a 4-column design and in two colours.

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks 'Pearl'


Pearl decoration was an essential prestige object at the turn of the century. Especially on fine jewellery, clocks and cutlery.

Pearl has been rediscovered by our designers and used in this exclusive series of high quality clocks.

Anniversary clocks
Color your life

Photo anniversary clocks 'Color your life'

Color your life

Bring colour into your life with this edition. Available with two tone or multi-coloured dials - also available with floral motifs.

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks 'Crystal'

Sparkling moments

.... in our Mini, Junior and Standard sizes. Depending on the version, they come with brass or crystal pendulums, crystal glass covers, motif dials (single or multi-coloured) or with fine Swarovski crystals, for example.

Anniversary clocks
Moon Phase

Photo anniversary clocks 'Moon Phase'

Astronomic Precision

For thousands of years, man has known that the phases of the moon affect our lives. Even today, many people don’t just want to know the time, but also want to see which phase of the moon we are currently in. That is why we developed an anniversary clock with a moon phase display.

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks 'Silverline'

The colour makes it

Brass and gold tones don’t always fit into every ambience. We developed the Silverline edition for all those customers who like to keep things simple and elegant.

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks 'Figurines'

Always a favourite souvenir

Our anniversary clocks with traditional figurines from the Black Forest or from Bavaria.

Anniversary clocks

Photo anniversary clocks 'Porcelain'

Precious beauties
from handmade production

With, for example, bases and dials made of high-quality porcelain. Available in one, two or more colours (also available in cobalt blue with fine gold embellishment) with different motifs and designs.

View the catalogue (PDF)

Radio-controlled anniversary clock

A worldwide revolution - the first radio-controlled anniversary clock made by Haller.

Photo Radio-controlled anniversary clock
Photo Radio-controlled anniversary clock
Photo Radio-controlled anniversary clock

View the catalogue (PDF)

Cased clocks from Haller Uhrenfabrik in Simonswald

Elegant wood or brass housing instead of crystal glass covers

With our cased clocks, the materials wood or brass, together with the highest quality crystal glass, form the individual frame. Whether it’s cherry or walnut housing, polished (with lacquered surfaces and/or handcrafted inlays), high-gloss polished and/or polished brass housings or in the combination of wood and brass:

These Haller anniversary clocks are captivating due to their diverse design.

Photo Cased clocks
Photo Cased clocks
Photo Cased clocks
Photo Cased clocks
Photo Cased clocks
Photo Cased clocks

View the catalogue (PDF)

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