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Mantel clocks from Haller - as unique as they are varied

We are pleased to be able to present our latest collection of quartz-controlled mantel clocks. Let us inspire you.

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Pendulum mantel clocks

Foto Pendulum mantel clocks

This range of models (made of wood, crystal glass and/or brass) is not about a short-lived trend or the changing times, but a classic profile. The special feature of this series: They have been developed exclusively at our company and have only been manufactured by us for years. Clock lovers will appreciate the delicate open gear train and the precise quartz technology with an inductively controlled pendulum - a guarantee for maximum reliability.


Foto Modern Times

The symbiosis between the finest materials and the design language of our time gives this designer timepiece its unmistakable flair with exclusive accents. The materials of glass in its finest form and silver-plated brass make this watch an absolute eye-catcher.

carriage clocks

Foto Skelett-Stiluhren

Decades of experience in the production of skeleton movements and attractive design come together here. Whether traditional or modern - the floating movement impresses with its charming ease. The high-quality finishing of the gear train and the latest quartz technology guarantee maintenance-free time measurement for years to come.

View catalogue (PDF)

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